September was a pretty sad month for animal lovers out in the world. Steve "Crocodile Hunter" Irvin, 44 died after a stinyray 's spine pierced his chest and heart while shooting an underwater documentary off Port Douglas, Australia.

His death shock everyone at He was an endearing man whose passion was to help everyone understand the wonder and worth of all animals.

We are huge fans of Steve and respect his work and mission in life to free mankind of our fear and misunderstanding about the great wild world.

On behalf of everyone at, we will miss and always remember you, Steve.

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Dog Training Classroom

September 2006

The 5 Basic Dog Training Tips Of The Month:

  • Be realistic with your training expectations. Keep it short, simple and fun.
  • Give one command at a time and reward the desired action immediately.
  • Be consistent and keep your commands clear and concise all the time.
  • Always call your dog to you to give affections, never the other way round.
  • End each training on a positive note so that your dog will look forward to the next session.
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1) Boundary Training Your Dog

Training Your Dog Where It Should Or Should Not Go.

Dogs that are not properly trained will inevitably stray. And as we can all imagine, this is likely to cause a great deal of unnecessary stress and frustrations that could have otherwise been avoided... Boundary Training Your Dog

2) Collar And Leash Training Your Dog

Pulling, Tugging, And Dragging: Leash Training Your Dog To Teach Control And Obedience

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3) Dog Agility Training

Dog Agility Training Can Be Great Fun For Your Dog Mental And Physical Stimulation. Dog Agility Training Information And Resources

4) Useful Dog Sites

We have come up with some helpful Dog Sites and links for your pet canine. We will be looking to be adding more useful dog sites that you can refer to in the future. Any suggestions?? Useful Dog Sites...

5) Dog Training Blog

Keep updated with our brand new Dog Training Blog! To subscribe, please read our blog for instructions: Dog Training Blog...

----------Featured Question----------

Why are some dogs aggressive?
Dogs can be aggressive when they are given the wrong kind of treatment, no matter how kindly the breed is. Aggressive traits normally show up in dogs what they perceive as self preservation.... Cope with your dog behavior problem at Aggressive Dog Training

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