Puppy And Dog Training Tips of The Month

  1. Training Outdoors - Once your dog can reliably obeys commands at home, you can next move on to the outdoors and repeat the training sessions. Make sure you choose a quiet location for the first time training outdoors. Always be in a position of control, so that you are able to enforce your commands.
  2. Short Lessons - Studies have shown that dogs have short attention spans. You should train your dog for a maximum of 15 minutes, 2-3 times a day. Stop the training and take a break if either you or your dog are finding it difficult to concentrate.
  3. Optimum Time - The best time to conduct a training is when your dog is hungry. It will be mentally alert, and will respond best to any food rewards.

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----------Feburary Updates!----------

1) Dog Toilet Training

Dog Toilet Training can be frustrating but if you know what works for your dog then you will be able to train your dog easily. Get inspiration from some of these dog toilet training tips...

2) How To Clean Dog Urine

Getting frustrated with the problem of how to clean dog urine is useless. Discover all the tips and steps to properly clean and remove dog urine on both dry and wet area.

3) Choosing The Right Dog Training School

When looking for a dog training school, it's important to determine what type of training you'll need for your dog in the first place, especially if you are a new dog owner.

4) Deaf Dog Training

Deaf dog training is not difficult, it’s just a little different. Tips on how to train a hearing impaired dog.

5) Dog Training Blog...

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