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Dogs Are Like Children, They Need Leadership & Guidance

Dogs having a natural instinct towards being "pack" animals. Just like their ancestors in which they came from, the wolf, dogs think in terms of partnerships and teamwork when it comes to certain activities. Similar to the way a sports team will work together in order to accomplish the combined goal of winning, your dog looks towards you and the rest of the family as his "team" and counts on you all to help him survive, learn the rules of the house, and condition his behavior.

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5 tips to start potty training a puppy early because it is always easier to cultivate good habits from the beginning than it is to break bad habits later...

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Have You Teach Your Dog To "Come" On Command?

3) 5 Tips From Dog Health Guide

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4) Why Dog Health And Grooming Go Hand in Hand?

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5) Dog Training Blog...

Keep updated with our brand new Dog Training Blog! To subscribe, please read our blog for instructions.

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