"Who is a good listener, stress reliever, and empty-nest filler all in one furry package? Your dog."

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"Tender Loving Care For Dogs" - F*R*E*E Ebook

Previously, in a combined efforts by different dog owners, trainers and authors, we gave away a f-r-e-e eguide "Tender Loving Care for Dogs".

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Dog Training Tip of the Month

Be Proactive In Training Your Dog - It's natural for people to wait for their dogs to misbehave and then punish them for what they did wrong. Change it around and teach your dog what you want him to do.

Dog Training Tips

Having problems with your misbehaving dog? Effective dog training can work magic.

Some subtle, well timed tugs on the lead can transform a lunging canine maniac into a well-heeled gentleman. A magical management tool called a crate can help put a stop to a pup's carpet piddling. The awesome power of positive reinforcement can turn a hyperactive demon dog into an angel who sits politely on command.

(As an author of the bestselling book Sit Stay Fetch, Daniel Stevens draws on his knowledge of canine behavior to help owners better understand and train their pets. In his book, he gives fascinating insight into the emotions we always knew our furry companions possessed and how tp deal and overcome these behavior problems. Now, go get your dog and let the magic begin with Sit Stay Fetch.)

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