Dachshund Training

For your Dachshund training to be successful, remember to train your dachshund at an early age; this shrewd and stubborn dog will try to outsmart you.

Dachshunds are intelligent hound dogs with an independent and willful personality. Typically, they are known to be very stubborn in nature and as such, many Dachshund owners found them hard to train and to housebreak. However, proper devised Dachshund training programs coupled with consistency and persistency can transform the most stubborn dachshunds into a well behaved and sociable breed.

Like any other dog breeds, it is always wise to start the socialization and training of your dachshunds when they are puppies since it is easier to nurture good habits from the beginning than it is to break bad habits later.

During the training of your Dachshund, it is highly recommended that you be firm with your dog and that he or she must see you as the leader. Do not commit the mistake to be lenient with your Dachshund training. This dog’s strong personality and the need to be in charge can result in making the training process more difficult if you are soft hearted. In fact, this training philosophy must applies to every aspect of the Dachshund’s day-to-day activity. Many of the Dachshund’s resulted behavior problems are not the fault of the dog but rather of the owner who is not familiar with training this dog breed.

To be successful with your dachshund training, you need to be generous with your praises and rewards every time your dog execute a command correctly or perform an action appropriately. Dachshunds respond very well to positive training methods and reinforcements. These small dogs love it when you praise them and most of the time you will be rewarded with amazing positive changes in your dachshund behavior.

Games oriented training are also another excellent way to teach your dachshund desirable behavior; at the same time it is also a great opportunity to foster your dog's interest in learning new things. Studies have shown that dachshunds learn faster and respond more positively to the training when the lessons are complemented with some simple fun and innovative games. In addition, the games will also cause your dachshund to look forward to his next training session once it realizes how fun the training sessions can be.

House Training A Dachshund Can Be Challenging But It Is Not Impossible With A Lot Of Patience!

House training a dachshund is a must if you want to train your dog on how to behave properly especially when it comes to urinating or defecating. To house train your Dachshunds, patience, diligence and persistency are vital.

During the first month of housebreaking, it is good to establish routines. Take your dog outside after waking up in the morning, after his meals and in the evening before going to bed. These routines will make it easy for your dachshund to know what is expected of him and usually, it will also help shorten the number of weeks needed (in this case, about 8 - 12 weeks) to successfully housebreak a dachshund.

Crate training your dachshund is also another practical and efficient way to house train your dog and protect your home at the same time. Many dachshund owners highly recommend crate training as an effective house training method and have reported that their crate-trained dachshunds are more now more obedient and less likely to adopt undesirable behavior habits. (Read more on Crate Training Your Dog).

Apply the above-mentioned training tips and you will lay the foundation to training your Dachshund successfully. Just bear in mind to also keep your Dachshund training fun and enjoyable and you will be able to bring out the best in your dog.

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