Learn Effective Dog Behavior Training And Transform Your Dog Behavior Problems

Dog Behavior Training Dog Behavior Training Dog Behavior Training

From one dog owner to another, dog behavior training can certainly go a long way in easing the stresses of your dog behavior problems.

How to properly train your dog – and keep your sanity in the process!

Let’s face it: we all have a lot on our plates – whether it be school, or work, or a brood of young children – and the last thing any of us wants to worry about is whether our dog is chasing the neighbor’s cat, or digging up our prized petunias, or eating away at our expensive furniture.

The first, and most important, thing to keep in mind when training your pet is consistency. Think of your dog as a young child. If you tell a child not to eat before dinner, for example, but only do it once, the chances that the child is going to heed your words is slim to none. Just like a dog, however, if you tell a child consistently and repeatedly not to eat before dinner then the child, and your dog, will internalize and behave to what you are saying.

Aside from consistency, it is crucial that you set up rules for your dog, so that your dog is not under the impression that whatever he or she does is all right with you. For instance, if you want your dog to stop jumping up on people, you will want to gently reprimand your canine each and every time he or she does jump on people. Then, when your canine has obeyed your commands, you will want to reward him or her with some type of treat so that the dog begins to associate proper behavior with tasty treats!

Beware, however, of overreacting. The worst thing you can do is scold your dog too harshly. When this is done, your dog will fear you and a dog that fears you will not be the pet that you will wish him or her to be. Instead, the dog will grow shy and petulant and may retreat from people and other animals. Too often, this leads to an otherwise great dog ending up being aggressive later on.

Dog behavior training can be very satisfying, both for you and your pet, when properly done. A trained dog will be gentle, less likely to get out of control, and will bring a great deal of pleasure to your life. Because dogs are hierarchical animals, meaning that they seek an ultimate authority, a dog that has a well-defined leader – namely, you! – will feel more secure and comfortable.

With proper, thorough dog behavior training, an unruly canine will be a thing of the past. If this is not enough, consider the fact that dog behavior training can make your life a whole lot easier. And that nice imported furniture: even that will last.

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