Why Dog Health And Grooming
Go Hand in Hand?

Dog health and grooming are closely related because when you groom your dog, it is also the perfect opportunity for you to investigate past your dog's big eyes and fluffy body down to the skin.

Grooming your dog, you are engaged in a hands-on project. During this time you can check on his health by looking out for lumps, warts, and any other irregularities on his body.

Starting from your dog's feet, look out for any problems on the pads of his paws such as cuts or broken toe nails when you are clipping his toe nails. Lifting his paws and moving him around you can also examine if his legs are sore or perhaps getting arthritis.

Next, check for any unusual smell or discharge while cleaning his ears. Bring him to your veterinarian for an examination if you find something unusual.

Grooming your dog's body hair also allows you to check on his skin. Shortening his body hair makes it much easier for you to check for any puncture wounds, dry skin, cuts, abrasions, foxtails or other stickers and foreign travelers like fleas,ticks or lice.

Whenever you are grooming your puppy or an adult dog, you are also educating and training them. The more you teach your dog and praise your dog while grooming, the more well rounded he will become.

When we look at our pets we see our furry friends but if we look closer we may see much more that relates to the health of our dogs. Grooming is one way to do just that because dog health and grooming really do go hand in hand.

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