Five Tips from The Dog Health Guide

Every dog owner needs to be an advocate for their dog's health and well being. That means knowing the proper facts from a reliable source such as The Dog Health Guide so that when faced with any kind of canine disease, you can have a productive conversation with your Veterinarian.

1. Keep a Diary - A diary is a fantastic tool for diagnosing what is wrong with your pet. Something as simple as a canine cough could represent different diseases if the coughing occurs when eating, at rest, or during a walk. Keeping track of symptoms will greatly aid your Veterinarian and be a good reminder for yourself.

2. Be Mindful Of Your Dog's Age and Size - Age and size are often associated with your dog's ability to fight certain diseases. If under 8 to 12 weeks, be extra careful, since your pet may not have received all of its shots, or be suffering from a disease picked up from its mother such as the many dog worm types. Older dogs may have weakened immune systems that would have difficulty fighting off common diseases or you may need to consider treating arthritis in dogs.

3. Develop a Health Routine - Dogs are very much like people. If they don't wash or brush their teeth, then it is highly likely that they will get sick and suffer from tooth decay. A daily brushing and washing routine will be a big contributor to good health. Remember dogs do not wash their paws and they walk on the ground. At a minimum, keep anything that could go into your dogs mouth clean.

4. Clean up after your Dog - Dogs like to put things into their mouth. It could be licking a spot where it just went to the bathroom, or from swatting a mosquito that is coming in for some lunch. Anything eaten can cause disease. The best defense is often the best offense. Wash any area where your dog deficates, and if you suspect that your dog had worms, clean with a mild bleach solution to aid killing worm eggs.

5. Prevent Disease Before it Happens - Most common dog illnesses are preventable with little effort from the owner. Make sure your pet wears a flea and tick collar to prevent common illnesses. Good mouth hygiene will avoid common problems such as tooth decay and possibly heart disease.

For further information and advice on your dog's health, read a trusted resource such as The Dog Health Guide

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