Dog Toilet Training

Dog Toilet Training can be frustrating but if you know what works for your dog then you will be able to train your dog easily. Get inspiration from some of these toilet training tips.

Ever thought of buying diapers for your dogs? Well, that’s the worse case scenario if you don’t start considering house training your puppy or adult dog at the soonest possible time.

The best way to start with toilet training your dog is when the puppy is just a few weeks old or when he just arrives at your home. However, do not expect to be a hundred percent successful with your dog house training until your dog reaches six months of age.

By the age of six months your dog will already be more capable of bladder control. However, an adult dog or older dog can pose a more challenging candidate for house breaking because he may have already learned and gotten used to his bad habits.

If you are the impatient kind who believes that effective house training can be achieved swiftly with punishment then you are in for a lot of disappointment. Do not commit the common mistakes committed by most people. Spanking your dog or shouting to him whenever he poops in prohibited areas will only frighten him but will not make him understand what got you so mad!

Successful dog toilet training requires a lot of hard work, patience and determination on the part of the owner. If you think you can train your dog in one sitting then you better think again. It is through house training that every dog owner will realize how big a responsibility dog ownership entails.

First you have to choose which dog toilet training methods will work for your dog. In most cases you have to experiment on which method works best for your dog. You can choose from active or passive dog toilet training or even crate training.

The choice between active and passive toilet training for your puppy or dog really depends on your availability. If you can personally administer your dog most of the time then you can opt for active dog toilet training. However no one can stop you from implementing a combination of active and passive house training.

Passive house training can be messy and requires a lot of newspapers to be placed in a room. Your dog can do his thing on the papers and you just gradually remove the papers until he finds a particular spot to do his thing at the right time.

Active toilet training requires a lot of your attention but dogs learn faster when their owners bring them to a place where they can do their thing and then reward them if they do it in the said area the next time. This method is recommended especially if your dog is used to sleeping out of the house.

Your success in toilet training your dog depends on how familiar you are with the usual activity of tour dog. Dogs usually do their thing after eating, during their waking time or during playtime. Remember that dogs can have so much fun when playing they forget to do their thing in the proper area so bring your dog to the designated area even while he is still playing.

With some of patience and hard work, your dog will finally be able to identify and get used to that spot where he has been trained to do his thing. But even if you think you have already trained them accidents can still happen. This is the time when you should avoid shouting or cursing your dog because it will never produce the desired response.

Dog toilet training at an early age can be difficult but necessary if you do not want to have a harder time when your dog gets used to his bad habits.

Dog Toilet Training

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