Dog Training Games You Can Play With Your Dog And It's Benefits

Dog training games are an excellent way to foster your dog's interest in learning new things, and at the same time it is also a great opportunity to teach your dog desirable behavior patterns.

Studies have shown that dogs learn faster and respond more positively to the training when the lessons are complemented with some simple fun and innovative games.

Using games during training, you also help provide your dog a healthy outlet to expand out those excessive energies whereas if the training is boring, leaving him/her feeling frustrated, your dog will seek his/her own entertainment to bite, jump, chase and dig.

That is why dog training games are actively use and recommended by many dog trainers together with other traditional or sophisticated methods of training.

There are several popular games that you can apply together with your dog training:

Game of Fetch
Throwing a ball or object, you teach your dog to follow and retrieve the toy back to you. Allow your dog to exercise, develop enthusiasm and their natural retriever instincts. Also helps teaches your dog the "Recall" command.

Game of Tug-of-War
As the name suggest, a tug-of-war for the blanket or rubber toy – this develops your dog physical strength and confidence (if you let your dog win most of the time).

Game of Hide and Seek
A very useful indoor game to teach your dog the "Wait" and "Seek" command during rainy days. You hide a treat or an object (preferably his favorite toy) and ask your dog to search for it. It also encourages the use of your dog's natural curiosity in constructive explorations and helps create familiarization around his/her surroundings.

Game of Socialization
Spending time with other dogs or people. This game develops the social skills of the dog and its connection with other animals and even people.

Game of Exchange
Teach and encourage your dog to come back to you by saying his name in exchange for a reward like a pat or treat. Repeat in many times a day. After several days of reinforcing this exercise, your dog will be able to recognize the verbal cue and even without any rewards, your dog will come back towards you. This actually helps in establishing various voice commands and obedience in your dog.

Dog training games also involve many useful benefits such as:

  • The games are good exercise and help your dog to keep fit and healthy.
  • The training games develop agility, responsiveness, attentiveness, vitality, and manners in your dog.
  • The playing time is also a great bonding opportunity for you and your dog to spend quality time together. Your dog learns that you are its' best playmate and friend.
  • The games help the dog to cope and adapt to the changes in its life (i.e. seperation from its mother, the people it knew, the environment).
  • The games helps you to easily transmit your expectations to your dog so that the education process wouldn’t be so stressful for you or your dog.
  • The games is also an important aspect in social development. Your dog will also be more likely to discover the world without fear, through the fun and games, and will grow up to be a obedient dog you can be proud of and rely on.
  • The games will also cause your dog to look forward to its next training session once it realizes that the trainings are fun.

All in all, dog training games are really a wonderful and great way to help your dog get stimulated both physically and mentally. In the end, the games are useful training methods to help develop your dog confidence, prevent undersirable habits, alleviate boredom and acquire useful skills.

Oh!... do remember to keep all your dog training games short, simple and fun!

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