Golden Retriever Training Tips

Simple Golden Retriever training tips that will help you establish the best possible relationship with your Golden Retriever and stop bad behavior.

Training Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is the perfect pet for anyone who enjoys an overly affectionate and well-mannered dog companion. They are very intelligent, quick witted, more easily trained than almost any other breed of dog and they settle well into family life if given the proper training. However you should be aware that without the proper obedience and housebreaking training, your golden retriever can proof to be more frustrating than fun!

Basic golden retriever training should begin the moment your dog is bought home especially if he is still a puppy. Good early habits endure and will result in a well behaved golden retriever in the future.

Early Socialization

Ensure your golden retriever meet and socialize with as many people as possible during the first four months. Golden retrievers when left alone too much does suffer from separation anxiety, which can include barking and destructiveness.

Going on outdoor trips, visiting friends who own pets, and walking along busy streets should all be part of your dog's education. These positive experiences will allow your puppy to be comfortable with humans and reduce the likelihood of any future behavior problems.

Housebreaking Your Golden Retriever

  • Housebreak your golden retriever early by supervising and recognizing your puppy's body language such as circling or sniffing the floor.

  • Take your puppy out every 45 minutes after eating or drinking as they tend to "let go" around this time.

  • When it eliminates at the right location, praise and rewards your dog so that it will associate eliminating outdoors as a positive experience.

Obedience Training Tips

  • Always begin your golden retriever training inside the home where your dog stays. Your dog will learn faster when he/she is in a familiar environment.

  • Work on one new command or trick per training session. This will allow your dog to learn, understand and familiarize each new training better and faster.

  • Make sure you always use and repeat the same word or command for each particular training.

  • Train you retriever in short, frequent sessions. Dogs have a short attention span and will get easily distracted or bored.

  • End the training with a positive note or with your retriever wanting more. This will allow your dog to look forward to the next training session.

Overcoming Nipping And Biting Fetish

  • Golden retrievers have a natural instinct to chew or bite when they are still a puppy. It's their way of playing and investigating new things around them.

  • Get a few chew toys for your retriever when he is still teething. Positive reinforcements such as food treats and praises works best as incentives to encourage him to bite on the right objects (toys).

  • Do not teach your Golden Retriever games that have them chasing your feet or hands as this can cause confusion.

  • Discourage and discipline by simply saying a firm "NO" when they bite on the wrong items and replace the object with the correct toy or training equipment. If necessary, try using bitter spray and apply them to objects such as your shoe to deter your dog from chewing on things he shouldn't be chewing or biting on.

  • Do crate train your Golden Retriever if your dog has a habit to chew up items in the house while you are out.

  • Be aware that you will need to change the chew toys as he gets older since your golden retriever may swallow and get choked playing with a smaller toy.

Discouraging Your Golden Retriever Jumping Behavior

  • Do discourage your dog by not patting him when he jumps on you during homecoming. Instead fold both your arms and look away till he calms down.

  • Do raise one of your knees and give a stern "Down" command if there is persistent jumping. As a reflex action, your dog will usually stop and back away.

  • Do learn to teach your dog the basic "Sit", "Stay" and "Down" command to address the problem.

  • Do be consistent, repeating the process and praising your dog when he no longer jumps.

Have fun with your Golden Retriever training and you’ll have very few stressful moments with a fully housebroken, happy and obedient dog.

Training Golden Retriever

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Training Golden Retriever

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