How To Clean Dog Urine?

Getting frustrated with the problem of how to clean dog urine is useless. The best solution for you is to look for ways to prevent the dog from urinating in the house or better, learn how to clean and remove dog urine properly.

You may already be frustrated on how to clean dog urine but like everything else prevention is the key and best defense against your dog from urinating inside your house. Having your dog properly housebroken can greatly minimize any chances of having your very expensive carpet ruined.

However, if the unavoidable happens, the first rule really in how to clean dog urine is to clean up the mess immediately to avoid staining your carpet and leaving any unpleasant urine stench.

Dog urine can be pretty tricky to clean and remove. If your dog is not yet properly housebroken then it would be practical to buy a deodorizer to spray on the surface where the dog urinated. Removing the smell of dog urine is important because most dogs mark the space and odor where they urinated and may do the deed in the same spot later on.

If you are regularly faced with the problem of cleaning dog urine then your life would be easier if you follow these steps in cleaning your dog’s urine for wet or dried urine spots:

  • Find out the exact spot where the dog urinated.

  • If the area is still damp or soaked with urine, use old newspapers to soak up the excess urine immediately to prevent any residual that later prove hard to remove.

  • Rinse the area with water to dilute the urine.

  • Look at the washing instructions of the carpet if it is the area where your dog has urinated and check if there are warnings against the use of certain cleansing formulas. Always treat stains properly to avoid permanent damage to carpets and upholstery.

  • Apply a detergent or a specially-formulated formula such as baking soda to eliminate the odor of dog urine.

  • If the area where the dog urinated is no longer wet or is already invisible to the naked eye then try to trace the exact spot with the help of a black light which can reveal old urine spot.

  • Make it a point to vacuum the carpet or other areas regularly usually urinated on by the dog.

Important Tips & Warnings of how to clean dog urine:

  • The faster you clean up the mess, the easier it will be...and the less likely stains will set.

  • It is important to remember that you must deodorize and remove all odors. Even if you cannot smell it, dogs have a much greater sense of smell and they will likely try to pee on or mark over the same area again.

  • Use nontoxic products that are specifically made for dog messes and odors since they organically break down waste while neutralizing odors. Secondly, they are also more effective and safer for homes with children. However, always check the label to be sure.

  • While the area dries, open windows or run portable or ceiling fans for added air circulation.

  • It is important not only to use a dog urine remover to eliminate the stain immediately (when possible), but it is also important to successfully re-train your pet to avoid those areas in the future.

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