Paper Training A Puppy Effectively

Paper training a puppy or passive house training is the training of your dog's toilet habits without the necessity of your presence.

However it does requires some of your attention when you are around the house. The idea is that during confinement, the puppy would develop a habit of eliminating on paper in an area that is papered.

In case you are not sure about the methods of paper training a puppy, here are some innovative and easy to follow tips that present how to effectively house train your puppy:

  • Choose the bathroom or kitchen for starting the paper training process.

  • Put papers on the area of the puppy’s activity.

  • Clean the room and replace the room with new papers daily.

  • Direct his attention slowly and gradually to a certain paper corner for eliminating.

  • Observe your puppy if he or she is showing a preference for a special location for eliminating.

  • You should start to remove the surrounding papers furthers from the so-called toilet area if your puppy had shown some kind of habit of eliminating.

  • Encourage and reward the puppy if you see it eliminating on paper.

  • Never punish your puppy for any elimination 'accidents'. Call out a firm "No" if you catch your puppy eliminating away from the papered area and place him back on the paper.

  • Always be prepared for any minor set-backs.

  • You may assist your puppy with the choice of the toilet area, leaving a small piece of the used paper between layers of paper; the scent will help him to identify and choose the right location.

Advantages Of Passive Paper Training A Puppy:

  • It is a great solution for people who are not always at home.

  • Those who live in a hi-rise apartment may prefer this method of training.

  • It gives you the possibility of leaving your puppy unsupervised, without having unpleasant surprises on the carpet or in the shoes while coming back home.

  • After your puppy develops the habit of eliminating only on paper, you may start to change to another more convenient toilet area for your puppy.

  • Given the freedom to roam around the house, the puppy will search for his toilet area instead of eliminating elsewhere.

Disadvantages Of Paper Training A Puppy:

  • Paper training a puppy requires great patience and attention, consistence and perseverance.

  • You may get disappointed quickly after several tries and 'accidents'.

  • The routine of cleaning up the room each day may be unpleasant and exhausting.

  • Paper training is not recommended for big dogs.

  • It might be tempting to leave the puppy more time alone after it learns the expected behavior; sometimes it is not desirable for the puppy’s development and future training.

  • If your puppy has frequent access to outdoors, paper training is not recommended as it will confuse your pup when you want to train him or her to eliminate outdoors.

Taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of paper training a puppy, you may decide upon what is most suitable for your dog. Still, whatever training choice you made, your patience, love and understanding are still needed in order to succeed in having a healthy, obedient and well trained dog.

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