How to Teach Your Dog to Come

As a dog owner one of the most important task you need to learn is knowing how to teach your dog to come when he is called.

The “come” command is an essential part of teaching your dog to listen and obey when you ask them to. It is actually very simple to teach your dog to come when called with the only supplies you need is a dog collar and a long 25-foot tie out in your yard or leash.

Step One

When you first get your puppy or dog home you are going to want to play with them, this is a great time to begin your “come” command training. Simply put your dog's new collar on him and let him roam around on a long leash or tie out. Let him have as much time as he wants to explore. When you start to realize that your dog is getting tired, kneel down and say “come” with a positive voice while at the same time giving the leash a gentle tug towards your direction.

Step Two

It is important that you react correctly to your dog's actions when you first teach your dog to come. If he comes the first time you ask him to, show him tons of affection and give him plenty of praise. If your dog turns and sits down instead of coming to you, continue to gently tug on the line and say “come” until he comes to you, then give him plenty of praises. If your dog chooses to buck and holler or act a little crazy at the other end of the line, then wait for him to calm down, then repeat your “come” command and tug on the line, repeat this process and tell your dog comes.

Step Three

It is important for you to win every battle when you are trying to teach your dog the “come” command. Even if it takes you several attempts you should continue asking your dog to come until they actually do. Remember that you can only lose in this battle if you lose your temper. It is important to always act as if you are in control of the puppy even if you feel like you are going to explode.

Step Four

To continue working on your “come” command with your dog it is important to use this command often. Take your dog on a daily walk and let them go to the end of a retractable leash and sniff as much as they want. Four or five times during the walk use the “come” command and pull the line towards you. Keep walking and as the dog catches up to you bend down and praise him with lots of love and attention. Repeat this walking exercise as much as you would like.

If you consistently teach your dog to come on your daily walks and around the house, there is no doubt that your dog will soon be able to respond obediently to the command.ohmydogsupplies

Article by Kelly Marshall of Oh My Dog Supplies

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